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UTIA Chancellor Search



The University of Institute of Agriculture Chancellor Candidate Feedback Form is now closed.


Quick Launch

Welcome to the feedback tool for the Chancellor of the UT Institute of Agriculture search.  We value your feedback.  As you click on the tool, you will be asked to select the name of the candidate.  Then, you will be asked to identify your role -- student, faculty member, staff member, stakeholder or community representative.
Next, you will find questions in the following categories:  leadership, students, faculty, staff, stakeholders, research and overall.  If you did not get enough information to form an opinion on any of the questions on the tool, please do not respond to those questions.  It is fine to leave questions blank.  We need your response for those areas where you were able to gain a perspective through an interview, participation in an open forum or in a seminar.
This survey will be available for input until May 18.
Your feedback is important, and we appreciate your taking the time to share with us.  Thank you! 
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