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September 25
[ITWEEKLY] IT Weekly, September 25, 2018


Title: OIT Weekly at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Description: Office of Information Technology's weekly newsletter

September 24, 2018


You asked, and we listened: 

OIT Upgrades Internet Capacity

In response to comments we received in the annual survey, OIT made several changes over the summer to improve the campus Internet connectivity and increase bandwidth when accessing resources outside of UT.  Affected services include Office 365, Google, Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon, and much more!


We increased the total bandwidth to the internet from 4 GB to 10 GB; for redundancy, we have two providers supplying us with 5 GB each.  We have also installed a caching server that stores popular content in our data center so that it can be delivered to your device more quickly while offloading traffic from our Internet circuits.


Happy Surfing!

Getting Ready for Midterms and looking for a quick way to score your exams?

Join your colleagues in using Akindi to score your Scantron-like exams.


To use it, you or your students print forms on a standard printer, then batch scan the completed forms on your departmental copier/scanner and upload the file to Akindi for scoring. The grades will go straight into Canvas. 


  • Use Any Time: score your exams 24/7.
  • Change Your Key: with a few clicks, no need to re-scan! 
  • Save Your Department Money: your department no longer has to pay for Scantron services.
  • Save Your Students Money: students no longer need to pay for scantron forms.


Learn more about Akindi and watch our short video on the OIT website.

See OIT’s New Training Space for This Week’s IT Community of Practice (ITCoP)

On Wednesday, September 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., OIT will have an Open House celebrating our new training space in Communications, room 43, Classroom C. During the ITCoP meeting portion of the Open House, from 12:20 to 1:10 p.m.  OIT staff will showcase the technology in the new classroom. This technology includes what you can find in classrooms around campus. Get ideas for using Cynap, interactive projector, document camera, and clickers.


Come early and stay for the ITCoP meeting to get to know OIT staff, hear about all our services for instructors, and enjoy games, food, and prizes.


This semester and next semester, the ITCoP meetings, which normally take place on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 12:20 to 1:10 p.m. in Hodges Library 220E will be roving campus to see all the great teaching and learning spaces using technology. See maker spaces, 3D printing, and more when you join us.

Interested in Machine Learning and Text Analysis?

The Business Analytics and Statistics Department is hosting a free workshop on how to use the point-and-click, code-free, open-source KNIME software to do machine learning and text analysis. The workshop will take place on October 12, 2018, in Haslam Business Building Room 201.

Learn more about this opportunity and register online.

QuestionPro, by QuestionPro Inc.

QuestionPro, a powerful online survey research tool available to all faculty, staff, and students at all UT campuses. Using QuestionPro, you can design simple to complex surveys in a web browser, distribute the survey, run frequencies as it continues to collect data, and then download your data. For in-depth analysis, you can export your data to an SPSS, CSV, or Excel file.


Learn more about Question Pro on OIT’s Research Software website.  Learn when to use it, where to run it, how to learn, and where to get help.

Upcoming OIT Workshops

Here's a selection of topics that will be covered in workshops this week:


  • Arc
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Office 365: OneNote
  • R for Machine Learning
  • Using Student Digital Devices for Active Learning


View our calendar of upcoming workshops at and register to attend.


Can't make it to class or want to learn about another topic? Check out our online training sessions.

Downloading: Think Twice

Computer and smartphone users must manage a plethora of updates and downloads to keep their software and applications up-to-date and running. We have become so accustomed to these necessary updates that we quickly scroll through the end-user license agreement (EULA) clicking “agree” before reading any fine print, often without any noticeable problems. However, as this has become more common, so have the frequency of potentially unwanted programs, or “PUPs”.


These programs are often spyware or adware applications that are installed along with the desired application that you agreed to download. This might leave you asking: “How did I download unwanted spyware or adware that I didn’t agree to?” Therein lies the trick, you did agree to the download. That end user license agreement that you scrolled through so quickly, those agreements will contain information about PUPs and inform the users that the additional program will be installed with their desired program.


What are the downsides to having PUPs on your computer or device? They may contain built-in keyloggers that record your keystrokes or monitor your browser activities putting your sensitive data at risk. Furthermore, they are often hard to remove from your device, and they can have long-term effects even after removal hindering your productivity.


What can you do about PUPs? Below are a few tips to help you avoid being infected by PUPs.

  • Make SURE it’s really an update or installation from a trusted source. If you get an alert that your Adobe Flash program is out of date, go to and verify it yourself.
  • Read the end user license agreements before agreeing to the terms. Free does not always mean free. Being familiar with the terms and conditions associated with your download can help you avoid downloading unwanted PUPs.
  • Always choose the custom or advanced installation and never accept the express or standard install.
  • When downloading from a portal, always use the actual download and stay away from oversized flashing download buttons.
  • Make sure you have antivirus and anti-malware software and keep your system, software, and devices up-to-date.


Have questions or need assistance? Contact the HelpDesk.   |   865-974-9900   |   online chat


Follow @UT_OIT on Twitter for up-to-date announcements regarding OIT events and outages.


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