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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Electric-Powered Two-Wheelers: Kid Toys or Serious Transportation

Chris CherryCollege of Engineering - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Low-speed, electric two-wheelers (e.g., e-bikes) have seen dramatic market growth in China. With about 150 million sold in the last decade, they are the largest and most rapid adoption of an alternative fuel vehicle in the history of motorization. They have disrupted traditional transportation pathways and provided efficient mobility solutions that are low-cost, emit little pollution, and displace more harmful motorized modes. This presentation will discuss the results of some of the research Dr. Cherry has conducted on the role of electric-powered two-wheelers in China’s transportation system, focusing on sustainability and safety. In the context of a resurgence in bicycling in the West, he will also discuss how e-bikes and their derivatives can influence more sustainable transportation for all in Europe and North America.

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