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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Visionary Mnemonics: The Master-of-All-Trades

Mohamed Mahfouz, ProfessorCollege of Engineering - Biomedical Engineering

The professions of today are increasingly interdisciplinary. For example, a farmer must know both biology and chemistry to determine the type and the quantity of fertilizer to purchase. To be successful in a discipline, one must know almost everything about anything. A qualified biomedical engineer should know topics ranging from biology and anatomy to electronics and material science. Imaging advances in medicine allow physicians to see inside and diagnose patients without ever opening the skin. Combining knowledge of anatomy, mechanical and biomaterial sciences allows biomedical engineers to replace degenerative joints. Biomedical engineers must utilize effective means to acquire the knowledge that they require and convey to others how a seemingly minute detail impacts the rest of a system. Visionary mnemonics methods, mind maps, and organic charts are used to promote intelligence assimilation of knowledge from a vast sea of information.​

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