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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Everyday Ideatopia

Liz TestonCollege of Architecture and Design - Interior Design

Design is embedded in the everyday and has intrinsic value. This design theory contributes to interior design education by its early introduction. Studying the aesthetics of the mundane reveals to the student that everything has value: everyday objects, underserved populations, modestly detailed buildings. Design is for the masses. Interior design shapes lives in the most fundamental and personal way. Our collective memory is informed by the built environment, which gives ordinary objects, like a recycling center or a gallon of milk, a design status that is not always evident initially. As designers, we are responsible for explaining to the world the importance of good design, to promote access to good design as a basic human right. This studio is committed to reconsidering design through the lens of everyday, recyclable objects. These items are not collateral damage of an ideatopia; they are design tools for the future. Photo credit: Joanna Bernardini.

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