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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Getting Fruved and Changing the World

Sarah Colby, Assistant Professor of NutritionCollege of Education, Health, and Human Sciences

‚ÄčWith the global obesity crisis, why we eat what we eat and how we can change weight-related behavior have become areas of intense focus. Imagine students and researchers, from diverse academic backgrounds and university locations, working together to change behavior and environments using creative, interactive, fun, and novel approaches. That is what Getting Fruved is all about. The project will involve more than 1,000 student researchers, 30 faculty and extension researchers, 25 sub-research projects, and 13 universities working together in a 5-year, USDA-funded, 4-H project designed to ultimately decrease the proportion of older adolescents/young adults who are overweight or obese. The goal of the project is to use an interactive, peer-led, social marketing environmental intervention designed by college students to aid older adolescents/young adults in effectively managing weight through: improved dietary quality, increased physical activity, and improved stress management skills.

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