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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Everybody Wants Her! The Marketing Battle of the Century

Daniel J. Flint, Regal Entertainment Group Professor of Business & Director of the Shopper MarketingCollege of Business Administration - Marketing and Supply Chain Management

The coveted shopper is female, and everyone wants to understand and connect to her. Relationships between brand manufacturers, retailers, and shoppers have become heated and complicated, even chaotic. However, the game has also risen to a new level. The shopper now has power and choices. Retailers and brand manufacturers are frantically trying to differentiate from their competitors to win her loyalty. Traditional advertising is not effective with her anymore. Social media and many other developments have complicated matters. Now, brands and retailers are working together in entirely new ways to reach her. However, these far more complex marketing and merchandizing efforts have created numerous business and societal challenges. Research based on psychology, social psychology, neurology, behavioral economics, strategy, web analytics, business analytics, supply chain management, and more is attempting to understand and solve these challenges in this “shopper marketing” space. It’s fascinating and crucial for business, society, and her success.​

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