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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Perspectives On INformation TechnologieS

Peiling Wang, ProfessorCollege of Arts and Sciences - Department of Information Sciences

Our information environment is becoming increasingly diverse and dynamic. How can we design information technologies that accommodate users from all walks of life? This talk takes the user-centered perspective to challenge current IT system designs. Selected are the six principles/goals or U2SA3: Usefulness—an IT must be useful; Usability—an IT must be usable; Simplicity—KISS; Adaptability—an IT must be adaptable; Adaptivity—an IT must be adaptive; Affordance—an IT’s interfaces must provide adequate clues on actions and results. Violations of these principles are illustrated with examples along with the questions: When and why is default a bad design? What does it mean to personalize IT for users? How can we better understand users’ behaviors?​

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