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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

The Development of the Classroom Theatre Lab

Kenton Yeager, Associate ProfessorCollege of Arts and Sciences - Department of Theatre

In my search to create the perfect theatre lighting lab, I developed an integrated system of teaching theatrical design, directing and stage management. This one-to-six scale theatre allows us to expand beyond lighting and create a complete scaled fully working theatre that fits into a classroom. It has everything an actual theatre has, including lighting, sound, projection, flying and rigging system, legs, borders, drops, scrims, even stage traps and turntables. Called Yeagerlabs, this system has been adopted for use at ten universities, three high schools and a Broadway master class in New York City to teach lighting, scenic, sound, and media design, stage technology, directing and stage management. This system provides a useful educational model designed to develop collaborative skills in our next generation of theatre artists.​

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