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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

A New Norris House: A Sustainable Dwelling in the 21st Century

Tricia Stuth, Associate ProfessorRobert French, Assistant ProfessorCollege of Architecture and Design - Department of Architecture

In 1933 the Tennessee Valley Authority constructed a model community, Norris, Tennessee, as part of the Norris Dam construction project. A key feature of this New Deal village was the Norris House, a series of homes built as models for modern and efficient living. In light of the 75th anniversary of the Norris Project, an interdisciplinary team of UTK students and faculty are revisiting the Norris paradigm to create A New Norris House - a sustainable home for the 21st century. Phases include research, design, construction and evaluation to identify and address hurdles to sustainable architectural production and dwelling. The process implements interdisciplinary curricula centered on applied research, government and industry partnerships, and academically based community outreach. Contemporary life creates environmental and societal challenges and technological opportunities similar to those of the New Deal era. A New Norris House confronts both old and new issues to address impediments to the adoption of sustainable principles in existing communities.​

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