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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Health Reform: What's In It for Me?

Carole R. Myers, Assistant ProfessorCollege of Nursing

The complexity of the problems which led to the passage of national health reform in 2010 after 100 years of failed attempts, current political bickering, and national concern about America's financial viability and social supports have crowded out the public's opportunity to garner factual and relevant information about the Affordable Care Act and understanding about the personal impact of the law. An overview of the major thrust of the law and key provisions related to health insurance and delivery system reforms, cost-savings, and financing will be discussed. In addition, the timing and status of the law's multi-year implementation will be reviewed and potential obstacles discussed. The question “what's in it for me?” will be discussed from the perspective of those individuals insured via public and private programs and those who lack insurance. The aim is to demystify and simplify the law in a discussion absent of partisan and philosophical debates.​

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