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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

The Interdisciplinary Role of Crisis Communication and New Media Technologies

Michael J. Palenchar, Associate ProfessorCollege of Communication and Information - School of Advertising & Public Relations

Do you ever wonder why organizations make such horrendous communication mistakes during a crisis? The simultaneous reality of an industrial and economic risk society and the development of new digital, online mobile capabilities require a re-evaluation of organizational strategies for effectively communicating about risk. Palenchar will discuss the interdisciplinary role of crisis communication and new media technologies in managing crisis events. Technological advances have transformed how crisis management professionals and researchers view, create, interact with, and disseminate information to affected communities and other stakeholders during a crisis. Early research shows that many organizations are struggling to define the best practices for using social media, including digital mobile devices, for risk and crisis communication and measuring its return on investment. Potential issues and implications, such as control, security, right to know, uncertainty, speed, training, intentionality, transparency, information push, privacy, self-efficacy, and leveraging stakeholders' communication are quickly discussed in this presentation.​

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