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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Building Bridges Across Disciplines: A Holistic Perspective of Workplace Privacy

Virginia W. Kupritz, ProfessorCollege of Communication and Information - School of Communication Studies

In keeping with the theme of Mic/Nite, this presentation reaches across disciplines to provide a holistic perspective of how privacy is regulated in the workplace. No one discipline has been able to grasp all of the complexities of privacy regulation. Having an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary background helps to see paradigm connections that others coming from one silo of knowledge may not be able to see about privacy. Indeed, no one privacy-regulating mechanism studied by an individual discipline regulates privacy by itself. This occurs because privacy regulation operates in networks and patterns of dependency that depend upon the particular situation and circumstances at the time. Kupritz proposes that it is the combined knowledge of business, communication, and architecture (in particular its subdiscipline, environmental psychology) that best provides the answers to how privacy is regulated in the workplace.​

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