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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

UTCVM, CARES, and Layka

Darryl Millis, DVM, DACVS, DACVSMRVeterinary Medicine

The CARES (Canine Arthritis Rehabilitation Exercise and Sports Medicine) Service at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine treats service and working dogs to help keep them functioning at the highest possible level. Each spring, we perform physical examinations on these special animals that provide great benefit to society. These evaluations have allowed us to identify and treat conditions which might affect their performance in the future. In addition, we also provide advanced care for dogs with serious injuries. Recently, we had the opportunity to treat a special military working dog.  Layka had suffered severe injuries while protecting soldiers working overseas, resulting in the loss of one of her front legs.  After being adopted by her handler, she sustained an injury to her other front leg, requiring specialized treatment at the CARES center.  Layka’s successful road to recovery certainly had its twists and turns. ​

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