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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Additive Manufacturing and the New Tickle College of Engineering Innovation and Collaboration Studio

Chris Wetteland, LecturerMatthew Young, Eastman Assistant Professor of PracticeCollege of Engineering
"The ability to make things is fundamental to the ability to innovate things over the long term." -- Willy Shih, Harvard Business School 
Many of the greatest innovations in America over the last century share a birthplace that most college students are without access to a common household garage. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, students need a hands-on space to explore, tinker, experiment, and invent; a place to transfer classroom concepts into personal experiences. Furthermore, UT and partner ORNL are on the forefront of the excited new field of advanced manufacturing. To support both these endeavors, we have developed the Innovation and Collaboration Studio (ICS). The ICS is a type of laboratory often referred to as a maker space. These spaces typically include 3D printers, machining tools, electronic components, computer work stations, and hand tools. Here we present the facility and goals of the studio. ​
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