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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Teaching Valuation to Master’s of Accounting (MAcc) Students

James A. ChyzHaslam College of Business

Valuation was introduced into the MAcc curriculum largely in response to our constituents (i.e., the organizations that hire our students). New audit, tax, and systems associates are becoming increasingly more likely to encounter the work done by valuation professionals early in their careers. But teaching it presents challenges. It is more finance than accounting, it is not on the CPA exam, and students tend to resist change. This presentation summarizes my first experience designing and teaching a valuation course for our MAcc program. I’ll discuss why the course exists and how I approached it. I’ll cover some of the good, but won’t be afraid to discuss the bad and the ugly – unfortunately, there was some of both. My presentation could be helpful for someone contemplating a similar course and for educators seeking a sense comradery (or schadenfreude) that comes from undertaking a new and somewhat ambitious prep.

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