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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Twice a year, the Office of the Provost will host Mic/Nite, a “Pecha-Kucha Powered” social gathering in order to enhance the intellectual, interdisciplinary, and cultural life of the faculty and staff at UT Knoxville.

One of the challenges of a large university is working across the silos that often separate disciplines. Mic/Nite offers an opportunity to build bridges and foster a deeper appreciation of the many facets of a large, comprehensive university. Presentations will offer a cross section of the intellectual life of the campus and provide an opportunity for social interaction among faculty members who may not otherwise have the opportunity to do so.

Parking will be available behind Relix on Anderson
Avenue  and on surrounding streets. RSVP

Free pizza and cash bar; please RSVP.

David Golden
Mic/Nite Coordinator Email: Phone: 865-974-7247
Next Event: March 9, 2017
Social Hour: 5:30
Presentations: 6:30
Relix Variety Theatre
1208 N. Central St
Knoxville , TN 39717

 What is Pecha-Kucha?

Pecha-Kucha is a simple lecture format where presenters show and discuss twenty images for twenty seconds each. In this presentation format the images automatically forward while the presenter talks. To learn more, visit the Pecha-Kucha FAQ. Samples are posted on the Pecha-Kucha Presentations page.

The concept began in Tokyo, Japan, in 2003 and has spread to more than 400 cities around the world. The format allows presenters to show images and talk about everything from urban design or economic theory to a series of photographs. Mic/Nite is being held in cooperation with PechaKucha Night Knoxville, which was started in 2011 to encourage intellectual and cultural dialogue. Mic/Nites are special interdisciplinary events designed to foster dialogue between university faculty and staff.

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Recent Presentations

Teaching Valuation to Master’s of Accounting (MAcc) StudentsJames A. ChyzHaslam College of Business

Valuation was introduced into the MAcc curriculum largely in response to our constituents (i.e., the organizations that hire our students). New audit, tax, and systems associates are becoming increasingly more likely to encounter the work done by valuation professionals early in their careers. But teaching it presents challenges. It is more finance than accounting, it is not on the CPA exam, and students tend to resist change. This presentation summarizes my first experience designing and teaching a valuation course for our MAcc program. I’ll discuss why the course exists and how I approached it. I’ll cover some of the good, but won’t be afraid to discuss the bad and the ugly – unfortunately, there was some of both. My presentation could be helpful for someone contemplating a similar course and for educators seeking a sense comradery (or schadenfreude) that comes from undertaking a new and somewhat ambitious prep.

Fulbrighting with FamilyBrad CollettSchool of Landscape Architecture

Expanded professional perspectives, deepened academic knowledge, and a brand new course are among the many things I bring back to the University of Tennessee following my recent Fulbright experience in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was enriching in every sense of the word. Add my wife and two school-aged children to the mix and new definitions of the word ‘adventure’ emerge.  This presentation surveys our experience Fulbrighting as a family, its triumphs, tribulations, and tomfoolery that made it the life-changing experience that it was. 

Family Science and Public Health: Strange Bedfellows or Match Made in Heaven?Kristina GordonArts and Sciences

Relationship dysfunction and dissolution are serious public health issues, as their occurrence increases the likelihood of a number of mental and physical health problems. Other indirect effects include increased probability of child abuse and maltreatment, childhood poverty, as well as lower academic achievement and poorer physical and mental health in children. Taking into account only the effects of divorce on poverty rates, the United States is estimated to spend $112 billion dollars per year on costs of family breakdown. This talk will provide an overview of research on the public health costs of relationship dysfunction and then discuss a series of studies demonstrating how brief family-based health interventions provided in a home-visitation format might be an attractive and efficient strategy to address multiple public health problems simultaneously.

Mindfulness: a promising individual-level solution for health disparities experienced by sexual minority peopleJennifer M. JabsonEducation, Health, and Human Sciences

Sexual minority people (individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual) experience health and health-related disparities compared to heterosexual people. Excess stress, caused by chronic, cumulative minority stress occurring in addition to daily life stress and stressful life events, is the prevailing explanation for health disparities experienced by sexual minority people. Therefore, eliminating health disparities in these groups requires addressing stress. Rural sexual minority people may be at the greatest risk for excess stress due to socially conservative, geographically isolated, qualities that can characterize rural regions. Mindfulness-based stress reduction programs have been successful at reducing stress in clinical and nonclinical groups and may be an individual-level solution for health disparities experienced by sexual minority people.  This presentation will introduce mindfulness-based stress reduction and its potential value as an individual-level solution for excess stress among sexual minority people. A feasibility study with rural sexual minority women will serve as an example.​

Old School Rhetoric and New School Cognitive ScienceLucy JewelCollege of Law

In this presentation, we will learn how modern day legal communication continues to be influenced by classical rhetoric. When deployed effectively, ancient rhetorical concepts produce clear and persuasive messages in professional legal settings.  As old as these concepts are, they are also uniquely aligned with cognitive scientific understandings for how humans best process information.  Ancient rhetoric, however, is not infallible and sometimes conflicts with how the real world works and how people really think.  Even though these age-old precepts are imperfect, they have been retained in our legal culture because they generally produce arguments that the human mind perceives as rational and intelligent.  We will discuss the ancient rhetoric principles, the modern cognitive science that explains why these principles work so well, and then consider some concrete examples.

This Is Rocky Top Jaclyn JohnsonSchool of Music
What is the soundtrack to Tennessee? What fills Tennesseans with a sense of community and pride? For those here in Knoxville, and particularly and the University of Tennessee, the anthem heard loud strong is Rocky Top. Music has accompanied the University of Tennessee along its great traditions of scholastic and athletic accomplishments for decades, and although music may appear superficial, it is an important component to ensuringthe legacy of future Volunteers. 
Simple Speech SynthesisRebecca S. KoszalinskiCollege of Nursing

An Android-based communication application, Speak for Myself™ (SFM), was designed in response to meet the need for improved bedside communication. It was tested in three South Florida hospitals in an exploratory feasibility study. Due to the small sample size, further investigation is needed to produce statistically-significant results. Moreover, SFM supported Android-based tablets with limited functions and only one voice (male). We conducted a project aimed at making improvements in SFM for future use in a randomized controlled trial. Building on the team’s experience in SFM and expertise in communication, advanced care planning and mHealth we develop a cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) speech synthesis tool with both male and female natural sounding voices; incorporated multi-language support; incorporate advanced care planning items including advanced directives for healthcare; and enhanced usability through responsive design with an intelligent predictive engine.

The uncertainty is the hardest part: Communicating about health and navigating ambiguous illness trajectoriesLaura E. MillerCommunication & Information

How do we manage illness-related uncertainty in the face of an unpredictable health trajectory? Is it possible to feel certain, despite ambiguous health recommendations, opinions, and prognoses? By improving our ability to communicate about health, we will be better equipped to manage illness-related challenges and tackle the health uncertainties of the future. 

Happy, healthy dairy cows provide a safe, healthy food supplyGina PighettiAnimal Science

More than 6 billion people worldwide consume milk and milk products. This highly nutritious food plays an important role in our diets – containing energy, high quality proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. However, the quality and safety of dairy products directly ties to the health, welfare, and management of the dairy animal supplying the milk. Our research focuses on ways to boost the immune system of dairy cows to prevent the development of infections in the mammary gland.  Our research works from very basic – identifying the impact of genetics, sleep, and stress on the effectiveness of dairy cows to resist infection. Once known novel strategies can be developed that target these mechanisms and prevent or treat infections in dairy cattle and other species.  Overall, this research leads to adaptations in management practices that promote healthier cows that produce high quality and safe milk.

The Legacy of Phineas Gage: Healing from TraumaRagan SchriverSocial Work

In 1848 Phineas Gage had an accident in which a metal rod shot through his head, impacting the frontal cortex of his brain. What seemed like a life threatening event became an icon of the resiliency of the human brain to recover from trauma in that Gage was able to function well post trauma. The concept of human resiliency from trauma has surged in recent years through quality research programs such as the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) study and lead to evidence based treatment modalities for those who’ve experienced trauma. The College of Social Work has harnessed this research to provide MSSW students with a certificate program in Trauma Treatment. Capitalizing on its trauma treatment knowledge, the college has formed a partnership with Catholic Charities USA and AmeriCorps to support veterans, a population which quite often deals with extensive trauma, through a trauma-informed, peer-to-peer casework program which has yielded positive results for participants.

Big Ideas for Brain-Inspired NanocircuitsGarrett RoseEngineering

Can you imagine machines with the computational power of the brain (some brains at least) implemented at a scale smaller than the diameter of a human hair? While such extreme examples are unlikely in the near future, a path is unfolding toward brain-inspired computers built from electronic devices fabricated at nanometer scales. Specifically, nanoelectronic memristors (or “memory resistors”) are considered for new forms of low-power, high-density computing. In this talk, we will discuss research aimed at implementing brain-inspired systems where the memristors act as artificial synapses, a key functional element in any neural network. Results thus far have been promising in that we can model and simulate networks trained for application areas such as pattern recognition and even basic control. While we aren't building brains, not yet at least, such power-efficient brain-inspired systems are expected to enable a range of applications not easily possible with conventional computers.

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