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Frequently Used Tools:

Faculty Member Guide

The Faculty Member Guide is in PDF format. You may download and print the guide for future reference.

Faculty Review Training Presentation for Faculty (~20min.)

Faculty Annual Review Presentation (PDF)

Faculty Annual Review - (Mp4/Flash Format, PC and Mac Users)

Faculty Annual Review - (M4v Format, iPad and iPhone Users)

See  "Overview" page for Retention Review Training Materials.

Faculty Member Information

The Faculty Evaluation Calendar is published at the beginning of each academic year on the Provost’s web site ( This calendar contains the timelines and reporting deadlines for all the review and evaluation processes described in the Manual for Faculty Evaluation.

Many of the procedures in the manual require affirmative action or participation by the faculty member who is being reviewed, evaluated, or considered for promotion or tenure. The manual contemplates a good faith effort on the part of the faculty member in complying with the provisions of the manual. A lack of a good faith effort may be properly taken into consideration in the retention review, annual review, cumulative review, or tenure and promotion process. 

Faculty and administrators are encouraged to participate in the University’s Quality Enhancement Plan for International and Intercultural Awareness, now called Ready for the World. This initiative provides that discussion of the importance of international/intercultural expertise and experience should be incorporated into tenure, promotion, and annual review statements.  

The appeal process available to faculty members is described in chapter 5 of the Faculty Handbook. A faculty member may initiate an appeal after receiving notice of a final administrative decision concerning any of the evaluation processes in this manual.

The above information is from the Manual for Faculty Review. Please refer to the manual for complete information regarding the evaluation process.