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Department Head Guides

The Department Head Guide and Reports Guide
is in PDF format. You may download and print any of the guides for future reference.

Department Head Information

Department heads evaluate tenured and tenure-track faculty members annually. For information on the annual review of faculty, please refer to Part II of this manual. In accordance with the Faculty Handbook (3.8.2;, tenure-track faculty members receive an annual retention review in addition to (and at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and the University of Tennessee Space Institute, coincident with) the annual performance and planning review. The specific criteria for the evaluation and review of tenure-track faculty must be described in collegiate and/or departmental bylaws.

Policies Governing Annual Review

Policies adopted by The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees require that each faculty member and his or her department head engage in a formal annual performance-and-planning review. Each faculty member’s annual performance-and-planning review must proceed from guidelines and criteria contained in Section 3.8.1 of the Faculty Handbook. 

The faculty member and the department head have a scheduled conference (a) to discuss the faculty member’s (i) goals for the previous year and (ii) accomplishments during the Evaluation Period and (b) to formulate goals for the faculty member for the coming year.

The department head documents his or her review of each faculty member on the Faculty Annual Review Form with attachments if necessary.

The above information is from the Manual for Faculty Review. Please refer to the manual for complete information regarding the evaluation process.